The Difference Between Concierge Medicine and Primary Care

Knowing the difference between concierge medicine and primary care can help you determine the type of medical practice you want to see when you’re not well or want a physical. 

Double board-certified internal medicine and primary care physician Robert H. Thomas, MD, FACP, and our team have you at the center of our focus. At our practice, Coral Gables Executive Physicians in Coral Gables, Florida, we offer concierge medicine to give you the highest level of care for your medical needs.

What’s the difference?

Primary care and concierge are very similar in what they offer. Both practices can diagnose your issue and treat it. They can also provide a reference for you to see a specialist if you need one. However, the availability of services makes them different.

Primary care works within the framework of certain office hours, making your visits with your primary care doctor on a regimented schedule. Concierge medicine gives you access to your primary care doctor any time of the day or night via a visit or phone call. 

Both offer the same level of expertise, but concierge medicine gives you a more attentive level and higher quality of care. Dr. Thomas and our team provide concierge medicine because we want you to have convenient, efficient care at all times.

How concierge medicine works

When you’re sick, you want immediate care and relief. Rather than having to wait several days to see your doctor, concierge medicine provides access to Dr. Thomas and our team at any time.

We provide same-day appointments, and we can see you on Saturdays, too. We’re also available by phone at all hours. That’s the advantage concierge medicine gives you.

In addition, because our hours are more widespread, we have more time to provide you with the attention you need. The sooner you can see or talk with our team, the quicker you can get your prescribed medicine or necessary treatment. We want to diagnose and treat you as soon as possible so you can get well quickly.

What does concierge medicine include?

Whether you’re in need of medical attention for an illness, or simply want to have a physical, our concierge care meets your expectations. Our patient-centered practice allows you to have all the benefits that a medical practice can offer. 

In addition to handling your urgent medical concerns, we also provide exams that give you full access to our diagnostic and laboratory testing.

To learn more about the benefits of concierge medicine, schedule a consultation with Dr. Thomas and our team. Call or book an appointment with us online. You can also send us a message if you have any questions or comments.

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