Executive Physical Package

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Our Executive Physical Package includes both Diagnostic and Laboratory Testing. Board-certified internist Robert H. Thomas, MD, FACP, and the team at Coral Gables Executive Physicians in Coral Gables, Florida, offers a comprehensive executive physical package. Learn more about the practice by scheduling an appointment by phone today.

Executive Physical Package

Diagnostic Testing

Cardiac Stress Test

Evaluates for blockage in the coronary arteries. Many times, the presence of coronary artery disease is easily missed when a person is at rest, because at rest there may be no sign of a problem either on physical examination or on the ECG. In these cases, cardiac abnormalities may become apparent only when the heart is asked to perform increased workloads.

Body Fat Analysis

This test uses the same technology as the Bone Density test to measure your body composition, including percent body fat and lean body mass. It differentiates between areas of the body and between peripheral fat and the more hidden fat that surrounds body organs.

Hearing Test

Screening to identify hearing loss.

Bladder Scan

This test measures residual bladder volume. Too much-retained volume may be related to urological symptoms or conditions such as incontinence, frequent or recurrent urinary tract infections, enlarged prostates, or neurologic disorders.

Bone Density Test

This test measures the strength of one’s bones and the corresponding risk of fracture or having osteoporosis. Bones can be weakened by age and many clinical conditions, including asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, and celiac or inflammatory bowel disease, as well as personal habits, such as smoking. By knowing one’s bone density, we can work to improve it and prevent further bone loss or risk of fracture.


This breathing test measures your lung capacity and screens for any airway obstruction that may be affecting breathing, such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, or emphysema.

Aorta Scan

This test screens for an abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA), which is a weakening of the aortic wall. Anyone who has vascular risk factors, including obesity, smoking, age over 65 or high blood pressure, is at risk for a AAA. Because rupture of a AAA is very dangerous and often fatal, early diagnosis can guide us on how aggressive to be to minimize risk and save lives.


This test measures the electrical activity of the heart and screens for abnormal rhythms or signs of damage to the heart muscle, such as with heart attacks or heart failure.

Laboratory Testing

Diabetes Screening

Measures one’s blood glucose level and the control of blood sugar over the past three months to identify those who have or are at risk for diabetes.

Cardiac Risk Evaluation

Check one’s complete cholesterol panel, along with specialized lipid tests and markers of cardiac inflammation, all of which check one’s risk for heart disease and stroke.

Kidney Health

Measures one’s blood electrolytes, creatinine level and kidney function including any spillage of microproteins into the urine. Kidney health is important for blood pressure, detoxification, and the body’s water balance.

Liver Health

Measures the function of one’s liver cells, including metabolism, detoxification and helping your blood clot appropriately. Also screens for exposure to Hepatitis C.

Immune System Health

Checks one’s levels of blood cells and measures any immune-related body inflammation. Also screen for exposure to HIV.

Men’s Health

Screens for low testosterone which may affect one’s energy, libido and metabolism. Also checks one’s PSA level, which may be related to risk for prostate cancer.

Thyroid Disorder Screening

Checks the function of one’s thyroid gland which regulates metabolism.

Celiac Disease Screening

Screens for celiac disease, which results in one’s inability to eat gluten-containing foods. Gastrointestinal symptoms such as bloating, upset stomach or diarrhea may be signs of an underlying celiac disease.

Gout Screening

Checks one’s blood uric acid level which is an indicator of one’s risk for developing gout arthritis.

Basic Vitamins and Minerals

Measures the blood levels of Vitamin B12, D, folic acid and magnesium. Also measures the body’s iron level and storage capacity for iron.