We felt comfortable with Dr. Thomas from our very first visit some six years ago. He is an excellent physician who has always provided first class service by dealing with our needs promptly and effectively, always giving us his full attention. Dr. Thomas puts the patient at ease, listens carefully, asks good questions, explains his advice, and readily considers alternatives. When appropriate, he will refer the patient to other specialists, taking into account the available insurance. We have been quite pleased with the physicians he has referred us to. The warm and friendly service in his comfortable reception area takes the edge off of illness. Moreover, the waiting time is minimal. It’s a quality of service that we would like to see thriving in our neighborhood.

Jaswinder Gundara and Anthony Paul,


Dr. Thomas, his wife Eris, and the entire Coral Gables Executive Physicians' staff work seamlessly with one another to make sure that the patient experience is nothing short of extraordinary. Having recently completed the build-out of their terrific new office space, they make it known that their success depends on patient satisfaction, which means efficient appointment experiences, direct access to Dr. Thomas (who is fantastic), and a level of professional sophistication not often seen in Miami-based services. My entire family strongly recommends the first -class medical practice that Robert and Eris have built.

Jeff Zanarini,


PinnacleCare recommended Dr. Thomas to me last spring. I'd been moving around and had various doctors in multiple states. There is a security beyond that of basic healthcare when friendship and dependability factor in. I'm so relieved to be able to continue all my travels and yet have one physician, overseeing it all, just minutes from my office. Eris and & Dr. Thomas are both wonderfully hospitable - the only thing missing are the lollipops.

Lisel Morris,


Dr. Thomas and his wife Eris operate the most professional medical practice in South Florida. My family and I have been patients of CGEP for 5 years. I have recommended friends and associates and the feedback is unanimous - simply the best care to be found in our community.

Chacho Lavastida,

We have been very fortunate to know Dr. Robert Thomas. It was at the beginning of his practice that we met him and since then we knew that we had met a real gem, a modern Galen. You are brilliant, very caring and easy to approach. You, your wonderful wife, Eris, and your very efficient staff have always made us feel like family. You are unique, the best thing that happened to the Gables. Thank you and may God always continue blessing you and your family.

Ira Fernandez,

As a Health Advisor for PinnacleCare (a private health advisory firm) it is always with great pleasure and high trust that I recommend my members to Dr. Thomas. He is an attentive and outstanding physician, with great bedside manners and a vast medical knowledge. In addition, the accomodations at the office are impeccable and the services are outstanding, making the whole medical experience a pleasurable one. I can truly attest that once a patient experiences the services from Dr. Thomas and Eris they will not go anywhere else, they are the true models of concierge services.

Angie Nunez, MSW,

Dr. Thomas, Eris and the rest of the office staff make a great team. The office is run very efficiently, and everyone is extremely courteous and professional. What sets Dr. Thomas apart from his colleagues, however, is his attention to detail and his willingness to take the time to listen to his patients, which is very rare in a medical office today.


When my former internist retired, I asked a well-respected physician in Coral Gables for a referral. His description of Dr. Thomas was very accurate. As a patient, you are treated very professionally by the entire staff. Also, the office is beautifully decorated making you feel very comfortable. I highly recommend Dr. Thomas to anyone looking for a higher level of care than what has become the norm in today's world.

Ken Sussman,

Dr. Thomas and his wife, Eris, have made "going to see the doctor" a true pleasure. Gone are the days of wasted hours in the waiting room, or waiting four weeks for the first available appointment. When your body doesn't feel quite right, they get you in there immediately to see Dr. Thomas. The attention that you receive from their office as well as Dr. Thomas personally is unparalleled. His medical care is very thorough as he takes the time to ask questions and listens to your answers before running the proper tests and screens. He is very patient with his patients! My wife, Jeanne, and I can't recommend his office enough.

Carlos Carbonell,

My family and I are long time patients of Dr. Robert Thomas. I have even flown family members in from other areas of the US for his opinion and medical care. He is certainly the most qualified, advanced, educated, and 'up to date' physician in the South Florida area that I have seen and we are fortunate in Miami to have his services available. Eris is very dedicated to personalized patient care, communication and she has an amazing ability to listen and really determine if something may be imperitive. The services their office provides is exemplary. I find their office hours, scheduling and availability most accomodating.

Lana DeSimone,

I met Eris Thomas in a professional networking group, and learned that she has a Masters of Business of Administration and runs her husband's practice with efficiency, utilizing cutting edge technology with a virtually paperless office. The business model which they have devised focuses on physician accessibility and a high level of personalized attention for individuals with busy schedules, who are unable to wait for hours to see a physician.

Leslie I. Snyder,

Dr. Thomas is a great clinician and I trust him with the care of my entire family. He is never rushed when seeing me and always listens to me. I would strongly recommend Dr. Thomas to anyone wanting to be treated like an individual rather than a number. And do so without the sitting in the waiting room.

Rod Hildebran,

I was very fortunate to meet Dr. Thomas who was recommended to me by my medical advocate. After visiting a number of doctors including specialists, I was really frustrated for repeatedly getting the wrong diagnosis and treatments for a cronic throat pain. Dr. Thomas was really thorough when he examined me and really took the time to listen to all of my medical complaints. He did not only hit the nail on the head when it came to the diagnosis but explained everything in great detail as far as the treatment I had to follow to stay healthy. I have not felt this good and pain free in a long time and I must thank Dr. Thomas for his help. I would strongly recommend anyone who is looking for an Internist to go visit this fine physician at his state of the art, upscale and yet home-like facility. You will be greeted by the most wonderful staff and receive the level of health care that everyone deserves.

Veronica Morales ,

Just because we live in a large metropolitan, does not mean that we can't get a doctor that is a true professional and Dr. Thomas is that man! Time is money and I don't like to spend 3 hours at the doctor's office. Dr. Thomas brings his patients in from the sitting room (can't call it a waiting room, because you don't wait) and spends the necessary time speaking to you about your concerns (NEVER rushing through the examinations.) Dr. Thomas is a kind, considerate and friendly doctor who makes you feel important and treats you like family.

Captain Troy Easley,

Dr. Thomas, Eris, Janie, and the rest of the Coral Gables Executive Physicians are our extended family. NEVER in our lives have we been to a doctor and received such exceptional care. What impresses us the most is that he is always there-- day or night, weekends and holidays, its comforting to know he is only a call away. Usually one would agree that going to the doctor's office is not at the top of list of fun or good experiences. However, with our extended "family" there, no wait time, and overall tranquil and pleasant experience, I am no longer anxious about going to the doctor. I enjoy going to see them! Dr. Thomas is different than most doctors. He listens to you and spends time with you, unlike other doctors who pack their schedules so tight its in and out within 30 seconds. He really cares and wants to make a difference in all of his patients lives. We have been patients of Dr. Thomas for many years, and are very honored to also call him and his staff our very good friends. I HIGHLY recommend Coral Gables Executive Physicians

Matthew Meehan & Rod Hildebrant,

Dr. Robert Thomas' patients are fortunate to have access to a thoroughly professional Internal Medicine Practice in a highly comfortable environment. The office is very well-managed by Eris Thomas, his wife. She is courteous and pays attention to details. The bilingual staff that has been with Dr. Thomas over the years is equally attentive and caring. Besides being an accomplished physician, Dr. Thomas enjoys singular rapport with his patients. He is always accessible. My husband and I have commented that his outstanding medical and analytical skills make it possible for him to make all the necessary connections that contribute to the good health and well-being of the patient. In sum, Dr. Thomas would be highly recommended to anyone seeking a first-rate clinician.

Mercedes M. Robles, Ph.D.,

It was our good fortune to have been referred to Dr. Thomas when we were looking for a general physician a few years ago. We feel confident about our medical care, greatly appreciate the quick attention the doctor provides, and are very fond of Eris. The gorgeous new office is an added benefit. We strongly recommend Dr. Thomas whenever the opportunity arises.

Thomas & Anna Landry,

I'm a patient of Dr. Thomas since he was a Professor at the University of Miami. My reumathologist, also from the University refered him to me. In 2004 I was very sick and he took care of me with so much dedication that family and friends could not believe it. Needles to said that most of them are now his patients. Dr. Thomas is an excellent doctor, very thorough and his bed manners are outstanding. He is never in a hurry and you feel like you are the only patient he has. Eris has a great personality, she sweet and care for his patients/friends. They are a great team. You could not ask for better. We all love them and are greatful to have them! If you are not a patient yet, don't wait any longer, you will never regret it!

Alina Hernandez,

Dr. Thomas has been our physician for several years. We have since developed a friendly relationship with him and his wife Erris. The level of service offered at Coral Gables Executive Physicians is above and beyond any other medical practice here in Miami. The friendly staff, the short wait time and the state of the art equipment makes "going to the doctor" painless. Lastly, I would like to comment on Dr. Thomas' skill as a doctor. He is very professional and always aware of the latest research and therapies available. He is easy to reach in case of ailments and always precise with his diagnostics.

Helena and Filippo Alzetta,

Dr. Thomas and Eris have created the highest level of medical service delivered by individuals that truly care. Testimony to this is a health emergency I recently experienced that was solved by Dr. Thomas. I was in the emergency room of a local hospital for over five hours with a serious health condition. I received unclear and inconsistent treatment options by more than one doctor at the hospital. I was able to call Dr. Thomas directly and he immediately identified my condition and the proper treatment for it. I cannot thank him and Eris enough for that. It is rare to have such a highly qualified doctor so readily available. I can understand why their practice is growing so fast and recommend him with the highest level of confidence.


Being a patient of Dr. Thomas is like golfing on your own private club of 1 member. No tee time; show up and they will take care of you. No other members; you get the full attentions of the staff. What else do you want? Nobody likes getting sick, however its less of a hassle with Dr. Thomas. Coral Gables deserves no less. With this attention needles hurt a little less. Highly recommendable!!!

Andres Munoz,

Everyone should have the experience that one has when attending a medical appointment with Dr. Thomas. When visiting his office you get peronalized attention from the second that you walk in. Everyone is extremely attentive and greets you with a smile. His wife is a pleasure and takes great pride in the office and making sure that you are comfortable and that all your needs are taken care of. When calling the office, the staff is courteous and there to resolve any medical issues you may have. Dr. Thomas, his wife and staff should be used as a model for all other providers to follow. My family and I have great admiration for both Dr. Thomas and his wife Eris.

Awilda Trujillo,

Excellent practice - Robert and Eris have worked hard to develop an outstanding medical office with a staff that delivers attentive and professional care. Robert has been our entire family's primary physician for several years and we are all the better for it.

Patrick Barthet ,

Dr. Robert Thomas is an exceptional physician in every way. Both he and his wife Eris head a top-notch medical practice. I would not hesitate to refer him to anyone in need of a knowledgeable, courteous and caring doctor.

Ony Oliva,

We have come to know Dr. Robert Thomas as a friendly dedicated and professional person, who puts a lot of attention to what you tell him. We respect him for his good and quick asserted diagnosis. Together with his lovely and more than dedicated wife Eris and his competent staff (Janey) they form a perfect team in a very beautiful and efficient office. They make us feel like family. We hope to be their patients for many years to come and wish them lots of success

Eve and Fred Breedijk,

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas have turned the mundane and often painful task of visiting one's doctor into an enjoyable experience! I actually look forward to my visits. When was the last time you visited your doctor, say, for a 9:00 o'clock appointment and were seen at 9:00 o'clock? With Dr. Thomas it's standard operating procedure. The staff is always professional and courteous. My entire family have come to trust and admire Eris and Robert for their outstanding patient care. Their brand of service is far too uncommon.

Robert Brockway,

I personally did not like going to the doctor. That is until I met Dr. Thomas, his wife Eris and the wonderful staff in his office. Both my daughter and I feel that Dr. Thomas is an exceptional doctor. We trust him with all our health issues and he truely goes out of his way to make us feel comfortable and well attended. It is comforting to know, that both my daughter and I are recieivng the best medical care available with top notch accessibility and service.

Betty Veliz,

Dr. Robert Thomas has demonstrated to have a top professional practice with proven track record of early detection on many health issues. His office is most accommodating to see you on short notice if the need arises, an option not often seen yet much appreciated by making possible to see him around your business needs. His learning curve on Wine seems to be exceptionally good also.

Tony Cabrera,

I recommend this exceptional practice to everyone. Dr Thomas is by far one of the most intelligent, professional, and caring physicians I have ever met. After visiting him once, you will never want to see anyone else. It makes going to the doctor an enjoyable experience. It helps that Eris is the sweetest office manager ever. Thank you as always.

Camille Diaz,

It is an honor and privilege to glowingly comment on the superb care Dr. Robert Thomas has given me...he quite literally saved my life!! Dr. Thomas had examined me for the first time just before I left for a trip abroad. He told me I needed further tests, immediately, for my heart, but I ignored him!! He even emailed me while I was in London, to further urge me not to ignore my health. In London, unfortunately, I broke my arm. Upon arrival in Miami, Dr. Thomas met me in the ER, arranged for all further testing, obtained superior surgeons to operate on my arm and to replace my aortic valve, which was completely deteriorated. He closely followed my care, visiting me in ICU at least twice daily and coming immediately upon any emergency!! Upon leaving the hospital, I have gotten to know his very competent staff, starting with Eris, who warmly greets me, efficiently arranges for my care, with no waiting...professional care to the utmost!! In the past I have been "allergic " to doctors, but Dr. Thomas has completely won me over!! It is with humble gratitude that I say "thank you" to a marvelous, persistent doctor and wonerful human being!! William B. Milliken, Miami, Fl.

William B. Milliken,

My husband referred me to Dr. Thomas and his practice recently. After making an appointment and receiving an appointment for shortly thereafter I went to his office. That should have been my first indication of what was in store for me. What a pleasant surprise it was to walk in to a Doctor's office and be greeted by name by the receptionist who is also his lovely and intelligent wife. My physical went well but I required an EKG. How refreshing to walk down the hallway to have it administered by knowing and caring professionals. I also had blood work done at the same time in the office. I have already referred him to most of my friends. Who doesn't want to be treated this well by their Physician!

Amy E. Sussman, PA,

I have known Robert for quite a number of years. He and Eris make quite a remarkable team of exacting diagnosis and health care, with exacting service. This is the office to go to when you require the best of modern medicine in a civilized and sensitive environment. I cannot recommend them enough, and I am hearing rave reviews from the patients I refer.

K. Randall Groh, DDS,

Like having the best MD, for a brother. He treats you like family. His advice ha s had better results than the "specilists". I recommend him to all my friends who are thank G-D mostly healthy to stay that way.

Shaya Gheblikian,

We have had the chance to refer many PinnacleCare members to this practice and it has been always a great experience for us and for them as patients. PinnacleCare is the premiere Medical Advisory company in the U.S. and we only refer our patients to the top few physicians in the country. Needless to say, Dr. Thomas is one of the finest doctors I have had the opportunity to work with. What makes it a truly exceptional experience is that everyone in his office bends over backwards to make the entire process of healthcare delivery so pleasant. Eris Thomas, the office manager, is always ready to help with our sometimes rather difficult requests. Dr. Thomas is a great clinician and one of the few physicians I know who understands the need of being an active participant in the patient's health care. Count PinnacleCare's Advisory Team amongst Coral Gables Executive Physician’s biggest fans!

Mauricio Munoz, M.D. ,

We have had the chance to refer many PinnacleCare members to this practice and it has been always a great experience for us and for them as patients. PinnacleCare is the premiere Medical Advisory company in the U.S. and we only refer our patients to the top few physicians in the country. Needless to say, Dr. Thomas is one of the finest doctors I have had the opportunity to work with. What makes it a truly exceptional experience is that everyone in his office bends over backwards to make the entire process of healthcare delivery so pleasant. Eris Thomas, the office manager, is always ready to help with our sometimes rather difficult requests. Dr. Thomas is a great clinician and one of the few physicians I know who understands the need of being an active participant in the patient's health care. Count PinnacleCare's Advisory Team amongst Coral Gables Executive Physician’s biggest fans!


Dr. Thomas has been my physician for over 5 years. I appreciate that he never keeps you waiting, and always has time to listen to your concerns. His office and staff are very efficient and professional. I would highly reccommend him to anyone who believes that their health and well being are their no.1 concern. He now takes care of my son, who agrees with all I have said.

Louise Gross,

Dr. Thomas has been taking care of me for the past 5 years and I can't say enough good things about him. I could go to my PCP but I would not want my health in anyone elses care whether my insurance covers the service or not. The service is impeccable and my time is prescious. He and Eris are great clients and friends as well as my care givers. Thank you

Eli Ristine,

Dr. Thomas is the most thorough and intelligent physician that has ever treated me. His office staff is highly professional and responsive to all of his patients' needs, and the level of care offered by his practice is second to none.

Michael Lewitt ,

Dr. Rob Thomas and his wife Eris are not only dear friends to me but Dr. Thomas is also my physician and like the many comments before mine they provide exceptional care because he is always very professional but at the same time makes you feel cared for as a patient. For instance, I called him this past Saturday because I was sick with a fever and he immediately prescribed me the medicine I needed and called the pharmacy for me, and saw me Monday morning without a prior appointment to make sure I was better, and I did not have to wait to be seen. Dr. Rob Thomas and his wife Eris provide an excellent service and they practice medicine the way it should always be done, with the patient in mind!

Susana Sowinski Castillo ,

Dr. Thomas exemplifies what a professional doctor should be he truly cares about his patients his personal touch and attention lets me know that I am in good hands.

Cristina Arce-Vico,

Dr. Thomas' practice is exactly what you expect to receive from a first class medical practice today; professionalism, availability, and treated as if you were the only patient they have.

William H Holly,

Dr. Thomas and his wife, Eris, make going to the doctor an enjoyable experience (even more so if you are sick). i have never waited more than five minutes to see the doctor, and he spends as much time as it takes to care for your health. This is the way medicine should be practiced!


With the prospect of healthcare moving into some very uncharted territory over the next several years--I believe Dr. Thomas's approach will emerge as a powerful trend for those who want the best medical oversight possible; want it to be personal; and want it on their terms--the terms that their busy lifestyle requires...because time is money. Dr. Thomas is the consummate professional--and he and his family are the type of people anyone would wish for as a neighbor.

Russ Klein ,

Dr. Thomas is an excellent doctor and has created a practice model for all physicians to follow. His staff is very attentive and professional. Kudos!

Carlos B. Castillo,

CGEP is exactly how a medical office should be! Always available, attentive, professional, thorough and intelligent all in one easy to-get-to location. I am glad that Dr. Thomas is younger than I because I don't plan on going anywhere else. This is how a doctor's office should be.

John R. Forbes,

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas have been exceptional to work with. They have taken care of my families needs and we couldn't be happier. I do and would recommend everyone Dr. Thomas to anyone.

Ricardo G. ,

I am very happy to be given the opportunity to thank Dr. Thomas and his staff for the superb service that they have provide to my father and I. Unmatched anywhere else! My father received an executive physical exam when he came to visit me in Miami, and following Dr. Thomas’s advice has changed his life. He feels rejuvenated. Million thanks from the bottom of my heart. Keep up the amazing work and wish you the utmost success.

Ledia Myftiu,

The professionalism and attention provided by Dr. & MRs. Thomas and their staff is unparalleled. I have always been treated with the utmost attention and with promptness. Every doctor's office should model its practice like Coral Gables Executive Physicians.

Frank Saavedra,

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