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Board Examinations: Part Two

On Wednesday, October 8, 2014, Dr. Thomas took his third recertification board exam. Board certification exams are actually part of a voluntary process that goes beyond licensing requirements. It is a commitment that certain doctors make to confirm that they have knowledge in a medical specialty.

We recently posted a blog on his feelings before the exam and were able to ask him a few questions once he finished the exam.

1. Where did you take the exams?  I took the exam at the PearsonVue Test enter near Dadeland Mall.

2.  Did you notice any differences in the test-taking environment compared to the first time you took the exams?  No, compared to the first time I took the exams, there were no differences in the testing environment. There was, however, a very high level of security at the center.

3. How did you feel while taking the exam?  I felt very comfortable with the test. I believe it was a good measure of one’s knowledge.

4. Do you know when you get your test results?  We should have the results by the end of the year.

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