Yunman Liu

Nutritionist, M.E., M.S.

Yunman Liu is the nutritionist of CGEP. She has a strong academic background and rich experience in clinical, community and sports nutrition.
Yunman Liu, Nutritionis

Yunman earned her masters degree in nutrition from the University of Miami, masters degree in biomedical engineering from Tianjin University and bachelor degree in biomedical engineering from Hebei University of Technology. Her strong academic background of the science and technology of nutrition makes her an expert in clinical, community and sports nutrition.

Moreover, Yunman has rich experience working in various settings and providing professional nutrition counselling to diverse populations, regardless of hospitalized patients with a wide range of ages, university faculty and staff, students on campus, and athletes of many sports. Her exceptional skills has a significant impact on her clients’ diet, lifestyle, and ultimately quality of life.

Furthermore, Yunman is a candidate of Certified Nutrition Specialists (CNSs). CNSs are advanced nutrition professional and engage in science-based advanced medical nutrition therapy, research, education, and more, in settings such as clinics, private practice, hospitals and other institutions, industry, academia, and the community. CNSs have fulfilled the most rigorous advanced-degree, education, experience, examination, and continuing education requirements. The credentials are granted by The Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists℠ (BCNS℠).

In addition, Yunman is proficient in culinary skills. She transforms nutrition theories into healthy, tasty, easy, and quick recipes so that modern people can enjoy their delicious meals and snacks in a healthy and convenient way and cope with the fast-paced world in which we live. She believes that food is not only nutrition, but also makes life more enjoyable. She also believes that food is medicine and integral to the effective treatment of most medical conditions.

Yunman used to learning painting and drawing for eight years. Therefore, she is adept at editing nutrition education material. Her contribution is not only concise and humorous contents, but also beautiful pictures. As a result, readers have much fun learning the nutrition knowledge while reading.