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Be Safe and Prepared for the Coming Hurricane!

Comments from our nutritionist, Yunman Liu:

This is a great article talking thoroughly about how to cope with emergencies by providing well-planned shopping lists and sample meals, even for special populations such as diabetic patients and those with celiac disease.

Since a lot of foods you buy may be packaged, read the food label first to guarantee wise shopping.

General guide to food label (the following is referred to PER SERVING):

  • 40 Calories is low
  • 100 Calories is moderate
  • 400 Calories or more is high
  • 5% DV (daily value) or less is low
  • 20% DV or more is high

In addition, vegetable chips and dried fruits have the similar nutrient profile to those of the fresh ones when both fresh and dried groups have comparable calories. Therefore, they are excellent sources for the days without fresh vegetables and fruits.


Are you ready to fight against the hurricane with a high-quality food supply?

Reading this article carefully is strongly recommended:


Let’s Talk about Your Hot Dog, Salami, and Cured Ham

Comments from our nutritionist, Yunman Liu:

Quick facts about nitrates and nitrites:

Nitrates: NO3-, can be found naturally in a variety of vegetables, including broccoli, cauliflower, collard greens and root vegetables.

Nitrites: NO2-, converted to nitrite and then to NO that works as a vasodilator.

Both nitrates and nitrites can be found in processed meat.

nitrate free kiddingPeople should be more concerned about the meat source, ingredients, and nutrition facts of the processed meat:

Choosing organic processed meat increases the chance of purchasing processed meat from safe sources.

High saturated fat may lead to excessive calorie intake.

High sodium may lead to dehydration and then fluid retention.

Besides, people who prefer properly, freshly cooked lean meat with herbs and spices, may have more awareness of nutrition and health, which in turn stimulates them to maintain a healthier lifestyle such as eating nutrient-dense foods and keeping regular exercise. As a result, they may have lower risk of cancer and other diseases.

beef salad quinoa exercise

Healthy lifestyle strengthens our body to fight against the possible harmful substance in our foods and environment.


The following link gives you more details:



Vitamin K: Probably More than You Know

Comments from our nutritionist, Yunman Liu:

Vitamin K, especially K2, can be produced by gut bacteria.gut bacteria

In addition to K1 and K2, there is another vitamin K derivative, K3, which is the synthetic form from VK1 and VK2 and shares the similar functions

Research is still needed to investigate the effect of vitamin K on CVD, diabetes, cancer, and other disease

You can obtain adequate vitamin K1 and K2 from a plant-based diet: high intake of vegetables and moderate intake of meat.

beef salad         chicken and vegetables

Fermented foods such as pickles, nattō and sauerkraut are good source for vitamin K2.



A diverse diet is always the start for adequate nutrients and ultimately a healthy life.


The following link will show you the article:


Back from the Holiday, You Can Reduce the Calorie Intake Without Pain

Comments from our nutritionist, Yunman Liu:


1. Replace some of the oatmeal or cereal with fresh fruits of the comparable volume.

2. The vegetables you can have are more than lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers:

colorful vegetablesRed: sweet pepper, radish, red beets

Yellow/ orange: yellow zucchini, endives, carrots

Green: asparagus, okra, choy, celery

Purple: purple cabbage, purple onion

infused oil

3 .Mix beans into the rice, pasta, etc., to gain more fiber while moderately reducing carb intake.

4 .Sample recipes of healthy dressing:

Roasted sesame oil with garlic and rice vinegar

Spicy or herb infused oil and lemon/ lime juice

Olive oil with balsamic vinegar and black pepper

Ground nuts with apple vinegar and paprika

5. Reducing both of the frequency and amount of eating sweets is beneficial to not only cutting down calories, but also training your palate and finding your will for long term weight management.


6. Successful weight loss results from a calorie-reduced but balanced diet and adequate exercise.


The details of reducing calorie intake are from the following link:


Enjoy This Holiday Weekend without Weight Gain

Comments from our nutritionist, Yunman Liu:

On this holiday weekend, just a little management on food and drinks will make a big difference.


In addition to the practical suggestions from the article, other useful tips include:

Only one hearty meal in the day;


The main entrée does not have to be finished;

Reserve some space for the small-sized dessert, if you desire one.


Here is the link of helpful tips for a high-quality holiday diet


Milk Fat May Be An Angel


Comments from our nutritionist, Yunman Liu:


skim the milkIf one tries to lose weight, calories from almost every food, including dairy products, should be counted.

Otherwise, there is no need to restrict the milk fats, since they help the absorption of other nutrients, contribute to favorable LDL particle size, and may play an anticancer role in protecting health.ories from almost every food, including dairy products, should be counted.

As long as the diet is diverse and balanced, i.e. the calories from fats range from 20% to 30% of the total intake, why not enjoy the pleasant flavor of the milk, cheese, yogurt and other dairy products with some fat in them?fun of milk

In addition, Cal or kcal is more common in our daily life. Cal means kilocalorie, whereas cal is just one calorie. The conversion from kilojoules to Calorie or kcal is as the following:

4.184 kilojoules (kJ) = 4,184 joules (J) = 1 Calorie (Cal) = 1 kilocalorie (kcal) = 1,000 calories (cal)

Therefore, the joules in the articles can be converted as the following numbers that are not that scary for you:

738 kJ = 176. 4 Cal

495 kJ = 118.3 Cal

375 kJ = 89.6 Cal

The numbers on the right do not look that scared but familiar.

The following link can give you more


Work Series: Part 4



“Real World Experience”

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