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Benefits of Walking

tumblr_inline_mleli3HDNu1qz4rgpThat’s right! Spending as little as 30 minutes walking each day can do wonders for your health.  And with another beautiful Miami spring upon us, there are few excuses for failing to make it outside or to the gym.  Here are a few reasons we recommend walking to ALL of our patients.

Studies have shown that people who integrate walking into their daily regimen have fewer heart attacks and lowered cholesterol.

Walking, even so much as 5 minutes a day, does wonders for those looking to kick a cigarette addition.  By stimulating the brain, you decrease your cravings.


Finding Perfect Sleep

Finding perfect sleep

“Sleep is the best motivation” ~ Dalai Lama

Eight hours a night. That magic number has been ingrained in our collective psyche. But in today’s hyperrality, hyperconnected, hyperactive world, that magical 8 eights hours seems like an impossibility. In 2001, only 13% claimed to get less than 6-hours a day.


Adopting Good Sleeping Habits

Adopting good sleeping habits
Sometimes, twenty-four hours just isn’t enough. Between getting the kids to school, all those extracurricular activities, cooking meals, and household chores, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Unfortunately, the sleeping hours are usually the ones that get the ax.


CGEP’s Sun Protection Tips

Sunscreen1-150x150Let’s play a game. We’re going to say a phrase, you respond with the first word that comes to mind. Here we go. Miami Beach.

Now I’m sure your minds all wandered from “nightclub” to “bikinis” but the winning answer is in fact “sun,” which, as it turns out, is this week’s blog topic.