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Coral Gables Executive Physicians Hosts Oct. 23 Cocktail Reception Benefiting Boys & Girls Clubs of Miami-Dade


Miami Herald - Boys & Girls Clubs of Miami-Dade - Coral Gables Executive Physicians Hosts Oct. 23 Cocktail Reception Benefiting Boys & Girls Clubs of Miami-Dade - 12-7-2014On Thursday, Oct. 23, 2014, Coral Gables Executive Physicians hosted its annual anniversary cocktail reception, with 100 percent of proceeds benefitting Boys & Girls Clubs of Miami-Dade.  Hundreds gathered to celebrate the practice and raise funds for Boys & Girls Clubs of Miami-Dade.


Many Thanks



With Thanksgiving Day tomorrow, this is a very special week in the year for me. The first people I am thankful for are my husband and two boys, the most important people in my life. I also wanted to take a minute to say how thankful I am to be able to work with such amazing individuals, both employees and patients, on a daily basis. I am also thankful for the wonderful and generous people I work closely with at The Boys & Girls Clubs of Miami-Dade, Baptist Health South Florida, Kellogg School of Management, The Beacon Council, United Way of Miami-Dade, and Leadership Florida.


Board Examinations: Part One


unnamedOctober is a very important month for doctors across the nation. It is the month they take their board certification exams for the first time or, for many, their recertification exams. Board certification exams are actually part of a voluntary process that goes beyond licensing requirements. It is a commitment that certain doctors make to confirm that they have knowledge in a medical specialty. This process assures patients that they are receiving quality care from their physician.


Leadership Series: Part Four

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How to Pause

Did you walk up to a desk covered in papers and sticky notes this morning? Often times, the desk is the last thing you want to touch on a Friday evening so when you get to work on Monday, it is no surprise that your desk isn’t necessarily how you imagined it would look. Your desk is at the center of everything you do. It is the place you come back to after long meetings and events – it’s also the place you eat lunch at more often than you think. It is your work sanctuary.


Leadership Series: Part Two


Finding the time to Volunteer

Making the decision to become a volunteer is a lot harder to do that one would typically assume. As a volunteer, you offer to give up your time to help another person or cause. From a young age, many individuals might believe volunteerism is actually a task. For example, many elementary, middle, and high schools ask their students to have a certain amount of “Community Service” hours by the end of the school year or summer. While some children might enjoy volunteering, others might see it as an assignment that must be done in order to pass a class or simply look good on a resumé.


Leadership Series: Part One


What does it mean to be a leader?

Leadership can simply be defined as “the action of leading a group of people or an organization.”  The term, however, is very broad and many people have different understandings of what leadership is. Forbes once published a list of the 100 Best Quotes on Leadership.  The list included quotes from well-known texts like The Bible, former Presidents of the United States of America, including Benjamin Franklin and John F. Kennedy, and successful innovators like Bill Gates. The quotes reveal the many definitions of leadership and how individuals can not only become a leader, but also reach their goals in the process.


Our Dr. Robert H. Thomas is #1

CG EXEC DOC-¬PabloGarcia-7108Our Medical Director Dr. Robert H. Thomas holds the number one spot for his care and expertise on Ranked #1 on the patient-survey-based website that provides information on internal medicine physicians nationwide, Dr. Thomas is well-known among his clients for his professionalism, medical acumen and personalized service.