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These May Solve Some of Your Nutrition Questions

Comments from our nutritionist, Yunman Liu:

All the analyses target at the contents of the article from the link below. Discussions about the links embedded in the paragraphs of the article will be found later.
what to eatAdvice 1: I could not agree more with this one. If one gives him/herself a chance to  make a dessert with a standard recipe, she or he will have a clear idea how much sugar is used in only one piece of cake or pie.  Moreover, Rome was not built in a day. So are the diseases.

Advice 2: another good point. Whole foods, not the chained supermarkets, consists of a delicious meal and provide a diversity of nutrients meanwhile.

Advice 3: this is No.1 thing to take into consideration when a person orders dishes at a restaurant or cook at home. A plant-based diet, not vegetarian or vegan, boosts health, prevent and fight against diseases.

Advice 4: this also works for families and friends. If parents are concerned about nutrition and active nutrition learners, their children will have lifetime benefits – food preference, eating habits, disease prevention, etc.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Advice 5: in addition to the discussions in the article, one can ask him/herself: “what is the reason for eating a snack? How long does it take to finish the meal? How full do I feel when I put down my forks or chopsticks?”

Advice 6: this is the only one I disagree with the author. A food label is a helpful tool to give the customers what is inside the food they are purchasing. At least, the foods are examined by the government before they are in the markets. Whether trusting the government or the apps developed by some company is a question.

Advice 7: nutrition keeps being updated by numerous research and findings, which is great since people know better than previously and take more control of their health.

Advice 8: whether sugar, salt, cream, etc. are health-friendly depends on how much they are used in a dish.

Sautéed Spinach with Lemon and Garlic Olive Oil Beauty A140924 Food & Wine Nancy Silverton January 2015   cream spinach

The article is from the following link:

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