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Non-Guilt Eating Out When You Are on Your Way to a Stunning Shape

Comments from our nutritionist, Yunman Liu:

think about your goalIf losing weight is still your goal;

If you agree that an excessive-calorie meal is against health or losing weight;

If you do not want your one or two-hour exercise in vain;

This article provides helpful tips for how to eat on social occasions, whether it is birthday parties, business lunch/ dinner, Friday dinner, family/ friends getting together, etc.

sharingMoreover, the moment you are 100% determined to lose weight, it is the perfect time to plan how to deal with these occasions, rather than struggling when a big dinner is coming.

Regarding the bread basket, it is the signature bread of the restaurant, having a palm-size slice is no big deal – but just one palm-size slice, since you may also want to try or “have to” eat the desserts to finish the meal.

Even though high-protein foods such as fish, shrimps, and poultry are good choice for eating out, the way they are cooked and the portion size can be tricky: eating a greasily grilled half-chicken is completely different from the palm-size one that is light grilled.

bbq half chicken           grilled chicken

broken glass of winespoon dessertsDesserts and drinks are the evilest roles for social eating. Knowing how much to eat or drink is still different from doing. Always a glass of wine/ a standard drink of spirits, or two spoons of shared desserts. Numbers are helpful to manage your calorie intake.

Useful tips are from the following link:

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