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Predisposition of Having Bad Fat Does Not Mean We Can Do Nothing to Diabetes

Comments from our nutritionist, Yunman Liu:

Chaurasia et al 2016_Graphical AbstractCeramide, one trigger of insulin resistance, is a prime sphingolipid signaling molecule. This research suggests that the reduction in adipose sphingolipids increased brown and beige adipocyte numbers, mitochondrial activity, and insulin sensitivity.

There are 3 types of adipose tissues in human bodies: brown, beige, and white adipose tissues.

  • The brown type has abundant mitochondria and is an efficient energy-burner.
  • The beige type can be converted into the brown one.
  • The typical white type is visceral fat.

People who have more ceramide despite normal weight should be more careful with their lifestyle. Normal weight is not equal to good health. In addition, the article mentioned, “when we overeat…”; the question is: WHY DO WE OVEREAT?

Moreover, more efforts on a healthy lifestyle not only fight against diabetes but also improve overall health and fitness: beautiful blood work including blood glucose, lipid profile, and inflammation markers, healthy organs, good appetite, sound sleep, great exercise performance, and being energetic to cope with life.

The image is from the related research paper by Bhagirath Chaurasia et al. and more details can be found from the following link:

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