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Let’s Destroy the Bridge between Low Mood and Craving!

Comments from our nutritionist, Yunman Liu:

To deal with the low mood or stress, the most logical and reasonable way is to think about why and how. However, it is easy to say than do.

Then think about the way that you would feel the least guilty – exercise.

Again, it is a habit. Remember the posting that talks about cue, routine, and reward?

Add a fridge magnet saying “Put on Your Shoes and Go Out for a Walk!” Then you may at least think twice about opening the fridge door since you do not ruin the 2 or 3 pounds you just lost.

mood exercise

As the article pointed out, too strenuous exercise puts equally heavy demands on the cardiovascular system. Researchers found that after finishing extreme running events, athletes’ blood samples contain biomarkers associated with heart damage. To general populations, that would also happen.

Research also suggests that sugar craving and depression are associated. In other words, sugar does not help improve the mood but rather do the opposite job.

One may also be a little careful with other mood-relieving foods such as chocolate, banana, nuts since they are high in energy despite the fact that they are rich in vitamins and minerals. For example,

banana chocolate nuts1.5 oz. dark chocolate: 215 Cal

1 7” banana: 105 Cal

1 oz. roasted almonds (22 items): 172 Cal

1 cup of cooked brown rice: 216 Cal.

In addition, David Belton et al found that vitamin B such as B1 (thiamin) and B9 (folate), and iron are conducive to improving mood. According to Garden Parker et al. deficits in omega-3 fatty acids have been identified as a contributing factor to mood disorders and offer a potential rational treatment approach. Salt foods craving/ salt pica and iron deficiency may exist, which requires further research.

The article from the following link provides both analysis and strategies for craving:

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