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Good Mood and a Strong Brain Cannot Live without a Healthy Diet and Exercise

Comments from our nutritionist, Yunman Liu:

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

a healthy plate

Brain is desperate to be nourished by colorful vegetables and fruits; whole grains, nuts and legume; lean protein; healthy fats; and of course, clean water. The nutrients in these foods not only constructs the brain, e.g. hypothalamus as mentioned in the article, but also guarantees the its normal function, e.g. vitamins and minerals from grains and vegetables are part of the enzymes or cofactors that participate in numerous pathways of the brain.

food mood

In addition, the magic power of exercise on mood cannot be neglected. According to National Quality Assurance Framework for Exercise, exercise has CAUSAL impact on mental health problems including depression. The National Consensus Statements on exercise and mental health published by the Health Education Authority (Grant 2000) state that exercise has a consistently positive effect on mood and psychological well-being.

exercise mood

Again, Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants

Why eating a healthy diet is important to support a well-functioning brain:

A simple way to eat healthily:

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