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Leadership Series: Part Two


Finding the time to Volunteer

Making the decision to become a volunteer is a lot harder to do that one would typically assume. As a volunteer, you offer to give up your time to help another person or cause. From a young age, many individuals might believe volunteerism is actually a task. For example, many elementary, middle, and high schools ask their students to have a certain amount of “Community Service” hours by the end of the school year or summer. While some children might enjoy volunteering, others might see it as an assignment that must be done in order to pass a class or simply look good on a resumé.


Leadership Series: Part One


What does it mean to be a leader?

Leadership can simply be defined as “the action of leading a group of people or an organization.”  The term, however, is very broad and many people have different understandings of what leadership is. Forbes once published a list of the 100 Best Quotes on Leadership.  The list included quotes from well-known texts like The Bible, former Presidents of the United States of America, including Benjamin Franklin and John F. Kennedy, and successful innovators like Bill Gates. The quotes reveal the many definitions of leadership and how individuals can not only become a leader, but also reach their goals in the process.