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Work Series: Part 4



“Real World Experience”

Dr. Thomas’ knowledge of Internal Medicine is evident, as he has attained scores in the top 1% in the National Board of Medicine and American Board of Internal Medicine certification examinations. He is a former fulltime faculty physician at the University of Miami and continues to teach students there as an Assistant Professor of Medicine, Voluntary Faculty. We decided to ask him a few questions about teaching and his views on medical students today compared to those from the past.


Work Series: Part 3


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The Hiring Process

Coral Gables Executive Physicians is not your ordinary doctor’s office. One goal Eris and Dr. Thomas had when building their practice was to create an office environment that patients would want to come back to. A huge part of their philosophy stems from their employees since we are the individuals who interact with patients before, during, and after visiting the office.


New Lung Cancer Laboratory Test at Coral Gables Executive Physicians


healthy-lungs-vs-unhealthy-lungsSince we believe that prevention is better than any cure, Coral Gables Executive Physicians combines expert knowledge of traditional medicine with functional medicine in order to offer the best in patient treatment. The newest test we offer is The EarlyCDT® test.

This test aids physicians in the early detection of lung cancer in high-risk, asymptomatic patients. It also examines autoantibody levels and if a patient has autoantibody levels that lie