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Career-defining Moment: Does your job inspire perfection?

Eris ThomasRecently, I had the opportunity to answer some questions for a journalist, prior to the “real” interview. However, the written pre-interview questions were intriguing enough to make me stop and think about the elements of my career that I truly enjoy and why I enjoy them.

The most thought-provoking question was — Assume you can create the “perfect job” (please choose something other than the one you currently have). Please describe it in some detail, discussing what you do, where you do it, why it is important, and what benefits would you personally receive from it.

I answered — This is my perfect job! I created it and am perfecting it every day. If you are an entrepreneur and are not doing exactly what you love doing, maybe you should rethink your career. ☺

If I was talking one on one with a young, new employee or standing before a room of professional colleagues, my advice would be the same. If you are not doing what you love to do, then change should be imminent. You cannot bring the same level of passion, intensity, curiosity, or energy to a position you do not think is perfect for you. It is not a simple or easy process to find your “perfect” job; however, it is infinitely harder and more arduous to remain in a less than perfect position for years on end.

As CEO of Coral Gables Executive Physicians, I have several reasons to love my job, but the number one reason is because it inspires me to try to achieve perfection daily. Everyone should have a job like that.

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