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CGPG: Conquering Wonder Woman

wonderwomanI find it hard to believe that after so many years, women are still asking, “Can we have it all?” From my perspective, we answered that question in the affirmative generations ago when we donned our “power suits,” dropped the children off at school and went to the C-level suite.

Now that so many options are available to us, I believe the more pertinent question is, “Do we want it all?” And if so, “How do we plan to manage it?’ The Huffington Post plays with these questions, positioning the ultra-efficient women of today as Wonder Women, who feel the need to do it all perfectly.

As the CEO of Coral Gables Executive Physicians, I understand that pressure. Inevitable miscommunications, mistakes, dropped balls, and unplanned emergencies all play a role in how well we perceive our ability to do and have it all. We are only human after all. Managing a successful concierge medical practice, while loving a family and supporting my community, can leave me wondering if perfection is an achievable goal. On some days, simply accomplishing the “to do” list is success enough.

So to other women who are pondering and/or living this situation, I offer this piece of well-earned advice: Don’t strive for perfection. Strive for balance and fulfillment. If we truly are to be Wonder Women, then we are part of the Justice League and have equally amazing friends and fans to support us as we fight the good fight. We must help each other.

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