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How to Make a Difference and Influence People – Eris Thomas selected a South Florida Business Journal 2013 Influential Business Woman

Eris ThomasEvery person has the power to be influential because each one of us has a special talent or gift that we can use to help others. When I was named a 2013 South Florida Business Journal “Influential Business Woman,” I thought about how I have used what I have been given to change my community.

For me, a woman is considered influential when she can be an inspiration to other leaders, both personal and professional. From a business perspective, being influential can mean providing a unique service, fulfilling a need or making a product available to those who would otherwise not have access. And as a member of this active community, being influential translates into exacting change to better the lives of others, no matter how large or small the change.

My personal criteria for being “Influential Business Woman” are to demonstrate passion, intelligence and persistence. Passion drives me daily to work as hard as I can and hopefully inspire those around me to work with as much passion. Intelligence comes from learning from every source of information. I’ve learned from titans of industry, brilliant professors and dedicated colleagues, as well as from countless people who share recommendations for improvement, who take pride in their positions and who remind me that I’m a role model. Persistence for me is to remain true to my vision and unshaken, even when the road to the goal becomes difficult.

I’m most proud of being able to put my influence to work by creating awareness about issues that are close to my heart, like helping children through my activities with Boys & Girls Clubs of Miami-Dade and helping women with breast cancer receive typically unaffordable treatment through my activities with the Baptist Foundation.
To each woman who wants to be influential I’d say use the power of being female to your advantage. There are so many beautiful attributes of women, like being able to easily show empathy, care and nurture, that can help us become very successful. Don’t stifle these attributes trying to imitate male leaders.

It is possible to be both strong and intelligent, while also being caring and empathetic. The strongest influence comes from a genuine spirit.

I am honored to have been selected and do hope you can join me for the 2013 Influential Business Women luncheon on Friday, September 13 at The Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa. More details:

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