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The Big 4-0: A Q&A with Eris Thomas, CEO of Coral Gables Executive Physicians

40under40Few would argue with the importance of the big “4-0.” It’s a milestone year that marks the ending of one phase and the beginning of another. Eris Thomas is among the “40 Under 40” recognized by The South Florida Business Journal in 2013. Although not yet 40 years old, Eris can reflect upon her notable career and what is on the horizon for her firm, Coral Gables Executive Physicians.

Q: Leading up this “40″-year milestone, what is the most significant achievement you have had during the course of your career?


From my perspective, is there value in an MBA?

Is there value in an MBA

Although the summer months are usually associated with vacation time, many students, whether they are taking summer term classes or pursuing an executive degree or certification, are still in school. As Coral Gables Executive Physicians (CGEP) enters a season of growth and expansion, I’ve been reflecting on the various elements that, together, have helped us achieve this level of proficiency.


The future of Food

The Future of Food

“Forty years ago, advances in fertilizers and pesticides boosted crop yield and fed a growing planet. Today, demand for food fueled by rises in worldwide consumption of meat and protein is again outpacing farmers ability to keep up. It’s time for the next Green Revolution.”


Health of mind is just as important as health of body.

Health of mine is...

Here are some tips to get you going this Monday morning.
Every Wednesday is Tip Day.
This Wednesday: Five tips for improving Monday mornings.
One happiness-project exercise I undertook was to consider the different times of day, and days of the week, to see if any particular dayparts were happiness challenges.In my case, I realized that school mornings were no fun, and I took several steps to make school-day mornings more calm and cheery.


Capturing the Benefit of Time with Concierge-Style Healthcare


While there are many obvious advantages to concierge-style healthcare, one of the hidden benefits is time efficiency. The old adage of “time is money” is an actual hard cost for some executive professions, which can be captured and managed through the use of services provided by the Coral Gables Executive Physicians.


The Future of “Fee for Service” Medical Services

The future of fee for service

Recently, I had the opportunity to share my perspective on group practice finance as part of FHIcommunications’ Healthcare Roundtable Series panel discussion. I was welcomed to a panel of industry-leading healthcare experts to talk about how concierge medicine will provide a beneficial, medical alternative to millions of people in the wake of ObamaCare, and how I manage the financial operation of my group practice.