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CGEP’s Sun Protection Tips

Sunscreen1-150x150Let’s play a game. We’re going to say a phrase, you respond with the first word that comes to mind. Here we go. Miami Beach.

Now I’m sure your minds all wandered from “nightclub” to “bikinis” but the winning answer is in fact “sun,” which, as it turns out, is this week’s blog topic.

The year-round warmth from the sun, one of Miami’s biggest attractions, is also one of its biggest dangers. According to the University of Miami Health System, “although exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays is said to be the most important factor in the cause of skin cancers, the majority of Americans do not use sun-protection measures.”

Here are a few tips to keep your skin healthy while enjoying Miami’s beautiful weather.

Use Sunscreen – Going to the beach? Use sunscreen. Doing some work in the yard? Use sunscreen. Use it, use it, and use it! We cannot stress this enough. It is the simplest way to prevent sunburn. Be sure to apply liberally throughout the day, as contact with liquids (water, sweat, etc) tends to wash it off. For the safest results, we recommend applying at least every couple of hours.

Summer-protection_shutterstock_802648031Cover up – We understand that sunscreen isn’t for everyone. Some people experience severe allergies from some of the ingredients and therefore must find other ways to protect themselves from UV rays. A rising trend amongst clothing companies is to create UV friendly clothes. If you cannot apply sunscreen, make sure to cover up appropriately. Darker colors reflect more sun than lighter, and the more your cover your body the better! Dying to rock that new swimsuit? Don’t worry, just bring an umbrella with you and be sure to stay in the shade. Don’t forget, a hat along with a pair of uv-protection sunglasses can be your best friend!

Avoid Tanning – According to Susan Evans MD, a tan is no different than sunburn when it comes to the health of your skin. For those of you with extremely sensitive skin, avoid tanning beds. Also, take note that the sun is strongest around noon, so be wary when you leave the house.

It is never too early to start protecting yourself from harmful UV rays. Parents, consider it your duty to start teaching your kids about sun protection at an early age. With proper care and preparation, we can all enjoy long, safe days enjoying the lovely outdoors.

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